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Adding Value through specialisation

We work with many of the UK’s leading employers for temporary, fixed term and permanent vacancies. We can help you find an exciting new role in the following sectors:


RoQ Recruitment’s focus on its RoQ Stars and our dedication to high standards attracts and retains the very best doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. We work with trusted clients in both the NHS and the Private Sector to gain access to the industry’s best opportunities. At RoQ Recruitment we focus on work-life balance, remain mindful of the personal behaviours that influence our success at work, and use our life goals as drivers for our career goals. Our Healthcare RoQers take the same approach with candidates; they’ll work hard to get to know you, then find you an opportunity that helps you achieve your professional and personal goals.


Our Education RoQers help schools fill the increasing variety of teaching and teaching assistant staffing and cover roles required today. We have years of experience placing education professionals in establishments across the UK. We can help you find flexible, rewarding work that meets your particular needs. Too good to be true? Give us a chance and see. We have daily supply, short and long-term placements and permanent jobs for teachers, NQTs, teaching assistants, cover supervisors and support staff. Come and see why we’re one of the UK’s leading supply agencies.


Quality talent and quality jobs on demand – that’s what our IT RoQers stand for. The journey starts here. Where do you want to take your IT career next? RoQ Recruitment works with some of the UK’s most exciting brands who recognise the possibilities of IT. By doing more to understand your circumstances, career aspirations and skills we can all succeed and grow together. Whether you seek a permanent or contract IT role, we’re ready to help. We get the basics right. Meeting with you, listening, getting to know your personality and which type of team you’d thrive in – it’s the basics that we know you value most.


Our connections. Your talent. You spend half your life working. Let us help you find the right job that fits you. Let’s be clear, you are more than just a CV or an application. We are committed to understanding your career goals so that we can help you achieve them by finding you a job that can make you into a successful RoQ Star. RoQ Recruitment works with hiring managers across the globe and we’re always looking for in-demand candidates to help fill our clients’ temporary, fixed term contract and permanent roles.


This is a difficult time for central and local government. Meeting the objectives of public sector spending cuts is a reality for every government department; the transformation seen in many departments is immense. It places demands on existing management and creates a need for new skills and ways of working. This is also a time of significant opportunity; a career in government is more attractive than ever before. The drive to build professional expertise across all areas of government has created opportunities for both Civil Servants, looking to grow their own careers, and professionals looking to work in government. RoQ Recruitment has played an increasing role in helping government to meet the challenges of sourcing high calibre people. Our Government RoQers have recruited at all pay bands. We are also experienced in developing flexible solutions that not only meet the requirements for free and fair competition but help develop high calibre, diverse shortlists. Contact our Government RoQers to find out more about how we can help you.


With a proven track record of success within the automotive, aerospace, general engineering and advanced manufacturing arenas, RoQ Recruitment are well placed to provide support to all professionals who are actively looking for a new career or who are just seeking advice within specific market sectors. We offer a diverse, consultative approach to the recruitment process that allows us to tailor our service to meet your specific requirements and needs. By keenly listening to your requirements and aspirations, we will aim to meet your expectations whilst helping you in your next career move. Whether you are a newly qualified engineer or a senior company executive, our engineer RoQers will provide you with honest and impartial advice.


Rest assured that from your first point of contact with us you will be dealing with construction RoQers that will handle your enquiry confidentially and in a friendly and efficient manner. We endeavour at all times to provide you with information on relevant job opportunities as soon as they arise. We actively work with the UK’s leading housebuilders, surveyors, civil engineers, main contractors and sub-contractors. RoQ Recruitment specialise in all areas of construction and provide a true ‘One Stop Shop’ for all the industry’s recruitment needs.

If you are looking for a job or hiring new talent we’d like to hear from you. Our team of RoQers are here to help you.

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