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RoQ Recruitment has assisted professionals worldwide to find new career opportunities in the UK for many years.

We listen to your requirements both professionally and personally, because it’s not just about the change of your job it’s also the change for your family. We always try to establish where you envisage your career progressing and what career options will work best for you, both short term and long term.

We place an enormous amount of emphasis on making sure you have a positive experience and will support you from the registration stage through to the finalisation of your booking. It is important that we ensure that working with RoQ Recruitment is a positive and worthwhile experience.

We are here to make sure your relocation is smooth, stress-free, and – dare we say it – enjoyable. After all, it’s an exciting time for you.

How we can help

  • Our practical and personal service will assist you to settle into working in the UK.
  • After you apply to us, we will send you a full registration document and welcome pack. Once we receive the completed registration form and documents we will contact you to arrange your individual interview and to discuss your options for work.
  • We then begin the process of verifying your documents and will stay in contact with you throughout your application. We will then also start to discuss what job is the best for you.
  • Once the verification has been completed, we will liaise with you regarding travel and accommodation to the United Kingdom. It is important to note, that travel to the United Kingdom should take place 2 weeks prior to the start of the placement, there are some training and testing that you will be required to complete in the United Kingdom. This 2 week period will also allow you time to acclimatise to your new surroundings.

We should point out that we are not relocation experts and can offer advice on the essentials of moving to the UK but the ultimate decision, logistics and financial commitment to making the move are your responsibility.

If you are looking for a job or hiring new talent we’d like to hear from you. Our team of RoQers are here to help you.

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