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Is your umbrella water tight

Is your umbrella company watertight?

Fast, reliable and efficient, umbrella companies can offer contingent workers a great payroll solution. Not only can they save you hours of valuable time by taking care of all your…
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The lowdown on CPD for medical and healthcare workers

The lowdown on CPD for medical healthcare workers

Rapid development in the NHS means that it’s vital for all healthcare professionals to keep up-to-date with changes and develop their professional skills accordingly. More than any workplace, medical theory…
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Will Artificial Intelligence replace the need for human ‘robots’?

Will Artificial Intelligence replace the need for human ‘robots’?

According to a report by KPMG, by 2030, intelligent agents and robots could eliminate as much as 30% of the world’s human labour, requiring as many as 375 million people…
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Creativity is the number 1 skill in the workplace

Creativity: The number 1 skill across all sectors

As technology continues to transform the world of work, it’s our innate human skills that will command the highest value in the future. Topping the list is creativity, as it’s…
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How AI chatbots can help candidates prepare for interviews

AI is becoming increasingly interwoven into our everyday lives, making it possible for us to tackle old problems in new ways. Alexa has been around for about four years now,…
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Why it's time to find your authentic voice at work

Why it’s time to find your authentic voice

Back in 2015, a LinkedIn study found that more than 58% of millennial employees said “yes” without a second thought. “Yes” was the word that managers wanted to hear, and…
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Five tips to hit your work/life balance

5 tips to improve your work/life balance

Achieving a good work-life balance is fast becoming an expectation rather than a consideration. As hiring organisations compete to attract the best talent, they’re increasingly willing to accommodate the needs…
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Time for change: Workplace Culture

Workplace culture: Time for change

With new technology creating more products and pathways for businesses, the need for organisations to secure access to top talent has never been stronger. In the UK, low unemployment means…
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Where will your career path take you?

Where will your career paths take you?

As the employment landscape bends itself to an ever-increasing number of global influences, people are becoming increasingly versatile in their approach to work. The traditional career path leading to a…
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Questions you should be asking at interview

So you’ve got to the end of the interview, you think you’re home and dry, then the interviewer asks: “Have you got any questions?” Even though you know it’s coming,…
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