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Top inside tips for crafting your CV

It’s useful to bear in mind that clients and agencies might receive hundreds of applications for each job vacancy. With so many CVs to get through, each one must be ...
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Six Nations: How to perfect your interview pitch

Interviews and rugby might not seem like they have a lot in common, but both rely on preparation, delivering your best performance under pressure and the ability to think on ...
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How to be a contractor RoQ Star

There are many perks to becoming a contractor, from increased flexibility and varied projects, to the financial benefits. However, moving from permanent employment to your first contract can be a ...
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Working through an Umbrella Company

Contracting is a great option for those looking to increase their income whilst enjoying greater freedom and flexibility in their work. Working as a contractor means you don’t enjoy the ...
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6 Tips to RoQ your Interview

At RoQ we go to great lengths to ensure that we match your skills and experience to the job we put you forward for. However, to ensure you bag the ...
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